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Living the Life you Imagined

This morning, as I was walking to work, I heard a song with the lyrics ‘Are you living the life you imagined?’ in it.  I don’t even know what the song is called or who it is by, but it made me think.  I am a person who can barely imagine life within a two year timeframe, let alone a lifetime, but I have to wonder, how many of us are living the lives that we truly imagined?

For some, life is something to experience to the fullest. For others, life is nothing more than a blip in time. And to others, life is something they are constantly trying to escape. I don’t know what group most people fall into, but I would not be surprised if most fall into the last two groups. If this is true, at what point do individuals stop trying to live life and just move into the daily grind? At what point do individuals stop imagining a life worth living? When do they just give up on their dreams?

There are obviously many aspects that make up ‘a life’: career and work, friend and family relationships, romantic relationships, children, where you live, the lifestyle you lead, and the list goes on. It is no wonder that so many of us get so caught up in the day to day grind that we miss the bigger picture. We lose sight of what is most important in creating a life that we love…a life that we value…a life that brings us joy…in short, a life that is happy. If any one of these aspects falls short of what we imagined, it is difficult to not let the rest of our life be impacted.

The irony of it all is that there is so much research and development around ways to live younger and longer…but is this enough? If we don’t live the lives that we imagine for ourselves, what is the point? If we aren’t happy, why do we want to live longer? If we are only happy through superficial means and societal approvals, how will we truly find ‘happiness’? I have to believe that one of the keys to happiness is to value the simple things in life. Ever notice how so many people who seem ‘to have it all’ are genuinely unhappy? In today’s society, it is more difficult to simplify, but if we are mindful of it, maybe we can create the change that allows us to live the lives we imagine.

Are you living the life you imagined?

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  • mrose

    inspiring blog. thank you!

  • remzy

    nice and inspiring..i can relate…


    i never had any problems growing up as a kid,my parents provided for my needs upto my days at the university in Nigeria,ive always thought i would get a job immediately i graduate from the university,i graduated in 2006 till date i have no job,ive not really been finding life easy due to the challenges of thepresent day,infact i do drugs because it makes me forget my sorrows.


    Doing drugs i know is detrimental to the health and to the society at large,but for now it makes me forget all my worries in life,i hope to quit[cannabis sativa]someday and settle with a family provided i get a good job,this has always been my greatest fantacy in life(God help me).

  • lgomes

    I beleive that in order to live the life one imagines, you need to be prepared for emergencies. Everyone wants to be happy, but sometimes happiness is nowhere in sight. Being prepared for the hard times will ensure the good times will come sooner. Never take anything for granted since there will be always time for laughing and crying, working and resting, relaxing and worrying and eventually living and dieing.

  • Great blog, I can relate. However, I believe the state of happiness is
    illusory and temporary, we should be trying to achieve contentment in
    our lives. It’s more sustainable.

  • At Raphael, i understand your situation but doing drugs!!! that wont solve the problem and when your eyes clears,you will still have the same problem. the best thing to do is help yourself out by doing something for yourself. if nobody employs you, employ yourself and go into business. God will help you. Amen

  • TMJ

    This is a meaty topic to ponder. I dare to say that alot of people may not really know what makes them happy. I think the things that make us happy are very simple things that many of us take for granted until something goes wrong and we are without. Notice how good food tastes when you have gone all day with nothing to eat. Notice how happy you are to get your car out the shop, after you have been driving around in something the insurance company has given you (not as nearly as nice as what you own). Let the heat or a/c go out for a few days. see where I’m going? In regards to the life “imagined”…some people just have to work on dealing with why they are too afraid to use their imagination. Imagine being free to imagine, I like to start there; so many people feel silly or ashamed of their OWN imagination or creative thoughts. Imagine that….

  • gee kai

    if we are only contented with what we have…happiness comes along…like the blog..thanks…

  • Landy

    Life is what you make it to be. If make goals for yourself, you will always something to look forward to. Hope is what gives life meaning!

  • ghz

    there are a lot of people in the world that we think even they do not know what does happiness means all they have to do is to find something to eat. People who from when they have known themselves, had no place to live, no parents to protect them and if they had, could do nothing for their kids
    But they never ask God why they have come to this world.
    They see the world like that and thank God to have and love each other. If you ask them whether they are happy with their life or not they would smile and say of cores we are.