I Need a Vacation

No, seriously…I really do.  I have an overwhelming need to take a break from life in an exotic place, where all my cares melt away…pina colada in hand…surf lapping up on the sand…sun beating down on my worn out body.  Mmmm…I can imagine it now.  This isn’t the normal ‘I need a vacation’ feeling, this is exponentially stronger and has been building up over time.

Normally, my husband and I take a yearly one to two week vacation around our anniversary in September.  This year, however, we put off our trip until the New Year.  What’s more, I haven’t taken any time off in so long that I have almost accrued my maximum in vacation days.  Sure, this means that I can take a BOATLOAD of vacation whenever I want.  But, on the other hand, this also means that I haven’t taken any days off in a LONG time…no break…no boondoggles…NADA.

I’m sure you too have had your moments where life just seems to be a bit overwhelming.  Everything is just a bit too much.  Everything converges into this one moment in time where your days aren’t long enough and your ‘to do’ list isn’t short enough.  It gets so crazy that even the idea of a vacation is more of a hassle than a pleasure, because g_d forbid you take time off, you’ll have MORE to do when you get back!  Right now, this is me.

Over the last month and a half, I have once again managed to not ‘say no’ to two more things put on my plate.  And with those two new things, the ‘have to do it all’ mentality that I can’t seem to lose, hasn’t enabled me to eliminate, sacrifice or side-bar anything to make time for those two new things.  And as predictable as the earth’s rotation, the pressure has officially gotten to me, leaving me feeling tapped out and desperately needing a vacation.  New Year’s just can’t come soon enough.

For whatever reason, taking time off seems to be a real challenge.  Taking even a ‘mental health’ day is difficult.  We don’t want to waste precious, so hard to accrue, vacation time by using up a random day to decompress (Remember A. Schwarzenegger’s Total Recall getaway?).  As a result, vacations become this mega-kahuna-built-up expectation of a great escape from…life.

Even though some of us manage to find ways every day to release stress in small ways (E.g., exercise, a bath, yoga, deep breathing, reading a book, etc.), it isn’t always enough…is it?  For me, exercise is a huge stress releaser, but every day worries never completely leave my mind.  When I go on vacation, however, I find that all of the nagging little thoughts and relentless have-tos somehow subside and I gain a new perspective on life.  And THAT is what is so wonderful about vacations.  NEW PERSPECTIVE.

So, my question to you is how do YOU get new perspective?  Do you have to go on a trip or on an extended vacation to do so?  Or have you found a miraculous Total Recall escape?

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