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How do you release stress?

Between the cold weather, the economy, the ever-looming possibility of getting laid off and general every day stress, you could say that times are rough and for sure, we all have a bit o’ stress mounting.  Releasing that stress is very important to mental health and psychological stability, but how you release it, can be just as important.

I have to say, I have several ways of releasing stress…some more healthy than others, but I thought I would share and talk about my favorites:

  1. Drinks. Yep, I admit, I love my adult beverages.  I do try to keep it to a healthy limit, but the reality is, that after a stressful day, I really enjoy a glass of wine or a drink to sort of ‘numb the pain.’  Wine makes me sleepy, so if I have several hours of awake time ahead of me, I tend to opt for vodka, Soda and a splash of cranberry.  My reasoning: The soda is hydrating, the cranberry is detoxifying and vodka…well, a little toxifying.
  2. Karaoke. Singing my favorite tunes with a bunch of friends is not only fun, but creative.  Although my profession(s) require my creativity a good portion of time, creative outlets within the performing arena has a lot more stress release attached to it.
  3. Dancing. I need to clarify.  I’m not talking about dancing at a club.  I’m literally talking about being home, with a great song on our sound system (American Boy – Estelle/Kanye West is my most recent favorite) and dancing in my living room.
  4. A Bath . I don’t get to do this often, but when I do, I come out feeling like I just had a massage and that my stress has melted away.
  5. A Good Time with Friends and Family. There is nothing like spending time and laughing with friends and family after a long week.  Laughter, especially, helps release tons of stress!
  6. Exercise. You knew this was coming.  Exercise is by far one of the best stress releases.  Running after a hard week seems to help me forget about all of my worries.

How do you release stress?

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  • Karaoke often gets a bad rap being considered a somewhat “ridiculous” past-time. I say, don’t knock it, till you’ve tried it. It can be a HUGE stress relief. If I’ve had a bad week I like to pick an angry song where you can really scream your stress out. Don’t forget, it’s not how well you sing, it’s how hard you rock.

  • I agree with Michelle’s point. I also say don’t shy away from some yelling in your car or punching pillows! Stress is often anger built up in the body and it needs to be let out.

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  • Some additional things you can do
    1. Play with Children
    2. Play some music or sings some songs
    3. Go to Prayers
    4. Do swimming or some physical exercises or Yogo
    5. Sleep