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Do you like yourself naked or clothed better?

Some people look good in anything.  I remember growing up, my mom, when referring to these types of individuals, would often say, “they could wear a burlap sack and they would look great.”  That said, a lot of people don’t.  Finding clothes that fit our individual bodies can always be a challenge:  the cut isn’t right, the color isn’t right, the garment fits everywhere except at this spot or that, etc.

Unfortunately, this can wreak havoc on our self-esteem and our body image.  I know women who absolutely hate to shop, because they are afraid of how awful the clothes will look on them.  They don’t want to be subjected to the distasteful experience of undressing in poorly designed dressing rooms (ironically, most do not flatter us) that seem to accentuate each and every “unattractive” part of their body.

Personally, I sometimes shop and find NOTHING, causing me to leave feeling utterly deflated.  Other times, I’ll shop and hit the jackpot, making me feel like a million dollars.  Sometimes, when I’m home trying something on, I look in the mirror and think I was crazy for buying the piece of clothing.  Yet, there are times I look at myself without any clothes on and wish that I was either part of a nudist colony or had a new wardrobe, because I look and feel way more fabulous naked.

When it comes to clothing and not feeling good about yourself in them, you second guess the reasoning: it doesn’t fit the way you thought it did, or it shrunk, or your weight “shifted.”  You naturally question whether this is a result of the mirror, the lighting, the clothes, or g_d for bid…you.  However, when you are naked, you have less things on which to blame how you look.  You are, as you are.

So here is my question:  Hypothetically, if you owned clothes that fit you perfectly, would you like your body better with or without clothes on?  And why?

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  • Unless it’s really cold outside, I find clothes to be really, really dumb. No matter how well they fit, I’d always rather be free of them. Too much information? Well… you asked, so I answered.

  • jinling

    sometimes, I really don’t know what to wear, or what to buy…so, ‘naked’ would be better.

  • Kalee

    I feel better without clothes like how God intended in the beginning. It is another chore and expense as far as laundry and dry cleaning and shopping. I like my body and thank God for his choice in his artistic point of view. I wish more of us will be grateful for what we have and not on what we want.

  • devin

    i feel better clothed because in my mind my bodys ugly and rather cover it but to reply to kalees comment some people are teased for what god blessed them with so they develop a sense of nothings ever good enough which might show through their self esteem and confidence

  • Brooke

    I like my body best when I’m wearing clothes tailored to fit me. I am in great shape thanks to a strenuous workout schedule, but due to my athletic build, I have a tough time with sizes. If the clothes fit me well, I feel fabulous.

    However, I’m not uncomfortable naked most of the time. I like my muscles a lot. If I’m in a bad mood though, I’m better off with clothes-otherwise I obsess over the cellulite on the backs of my thighs.

  • amo45

    I’m tall 5’10”, naturally thin but with ample breasts and really long legs its almost impossible for me to wear anything”off the racK” finding clothes that fit is challenging but having a great tailor to do alterations is the key.Still though I think I look better naked being comfortable in your own skin is a goal every woman should have.