Should Men Get Manicures and Pedicures?

Never will I forget the day when I was getting my weekly ‘mani and pedi’ in a Manhattan nail salon, when two big, burly, tough-looking construction workers entered the salon to do the very same thing.  Without a thought, they headed straight for the two open pedicure stations next to me, ripped off their stinky construction boots, sat down in the chairs and plopped their feet into the bubbling hot water.  These two men were obviously regulars, as they addressed the nail technicians by first name and ‘knew the drill’ so to speak.  Over the next hour or so, they looked completely at ease, enjoying the treatments…they were naturals.

Just this past week, history repeated itself.  I was in the nail salon getting a manicure and I witnessed two policemen getting manicures.  Apparently, they too were regulars, as the nail technicians who were working on their nails knew them by name and were chatting with them as if they were the best of friends.

I’m not saying that I never thought men should get manicures or pedicures, but it was the fact that THESE men were getting them; AND were comfortable enough to do so together.  With one fell swoop, they debunked the stereotype that only gay or metro-sexual men indulge in this luxurious experience.  Now don’t get me wrong, these aren’t my stereotypes.  These are stereotypes that a lot of men have (including my husband…whom I love dearly).  This prompted me to give men (and the women who love them) a good list of reasons to get manicures and pedicures:

  1. Sexy Factor: Let’s face it, when a man takes pride in the way they look, it is sexy.  Granted, being obsessed about one’s looks is NOT attractive, but taking pride in one’s appearance says he cares just enough.
  2. It Feels Good: Although the actual manicures and pedicures feel good on their own, most come with a mini-massage component which makes them feel that much more wonderful.
  3. Stress Release: Taking an hour or so to get a manicure and pedicure can give a man some down time to relax and take his mind off some of the pressing issues he has to deal with.  This is good for a healthy heart!
  4. Healthy Feet and Hands: During pedicures, dead skin is exfoliated away, helping to diminish callusesand potential dead skin build-up that can lead to bigger problems down the line.  During both manicures and pedicures, the cuticles are cleaned up, which eliminates painful and unsightly hang nails.
  5. It Looks Good: If a man is tough on his hands and feet (construction workers are a great example of this), they can end up looking a bit worn and unattractive.  Getting regular manicures and pedicures will help keep hands and feet looking their best at all times.
  6. A Softer Touch: This one really benefits women.  Getting manicures and pedicures promotes softer skin on the hands and feet, which makes his touch that much sweeter.

So, if you are a woman who is dieing to get her man into the nail salon, tell the story of the construction workers and police officers.  If you are a man who has always turned your nose up at the idea, think again.  There are a lot of ‘manly men’ out there who seem to think it is manly enough.  Do you have any other reasons that you think men should indulge?

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  • rick

    I’d rather get a pedi cuz I hate clipping my own toenails — they’ve gotten so bad to the point where I can easily peel my nails off, except for the big toes…

  • Micheal

    I remember very good my first manicure. i was with my wife at our home. i was put manicure on her leg and after i finish the manicure was shining very well i like her manicure.i asked her to make manicure to my leg she took the bottle from me. she start to apply red manicure on my leg. i said no i am a man but she didn’t reply. after she finished i saw my nails it’s looks very well. i was very happy and every week i make full manicure to my leg and soon i will go to nails salon to getting relax with my manicure.

  • John

    I am a married straight man and I love getting pedis and chatting with the women. Its fun when I do it. I choose to make it a fun time while there and I many of the women love to chat with me while I am in there. I always hear from them “i wish more men were like you when it comes to getting pedis”. Most women tell me that there hubbys are scared to death of a salon. Not me, I enjoy my monthly Pedi.

  • Darwin

    Just got my first pedicure and I must tell all of my buddies to do the same. It was great. Wish I had started getting a peticures years ago, did not know what I was missing.

  • Farrell Francique

    My first pedicure was in Hallandale Beach, FL. That place was the bomb diga-ding.

  • Sanders

    I remember my first pedicure well, it was in Pasadena at a mall on Colorado Boulevard. My wife and I were shopping and she decided to check out the nail salon that we were walking by. The gals were very friendly and encouraged her to have her nails done. They invited me to sit in the chair next to her, and before long, they had talked me into a pedicure too!
    It was a surprisingly relaxing experience, not at all what I expected (not frivolous or dainty) and I soon felt quite comfortable with it. The girl brought around a rolling rack of nail polishes for my wife to choose a color. The girl asked if I liked any of the colors. I thought she just meant whether I ‘liked’ any of the colors and I said I did like a deep green shimmery polish. She then took the bottle from the rack and before I fully realized what she was doing, she began applying it to my toenails! Both my wife and I were caught off-guard and I began to tell her that I didn’t really want the polish on ME, but my wife just told me to go with it since the girl had pretty much one foot finished by that time.
    So, I left my first pedicure experience with deep green toenails. Not what I had expected at all! I tried to hide my feet as my wife and I did some more shopping, but after a while, I found that no one even noticed. That is, until this one sales gal did a double-take and looked at me as if I was from Mars, then smiled and said, “cool nails, dude”. Wow, another thing I had not expected!!! I have to say that it was much easier walking around after that. I even got a second compliment when we were in a DSW shoe store from a gal who woke there. She said it “looked good on me”.
    Well, it’s now a bit over five years since that first pedicure, and you know what, there have been fewer days in the past five years where I have not worn my toenails polished than I have had polish on them. How about that for a turnaround?!

  • Larry

    I got my 1st. pedicure when I had broken my hip & couldn’t reach, let alone, cut my toenails. I didn’t go so far as to have them painted but I still have pedicures done. The tec’s really take care of my feet much better than I can. I am now 79 years old & just can’t reach my feet too do a good job on them myself & my wife can’t do any better. I don’t have any problems with my feet & lay it all to having pedicures done 3 or 4 times a year.

  • http://none Robert

    It is funny to see comments that guys have nail colored. Of-course it is up to them and their own way I cannot comment and should not. But what I think is a guy should be a guy and a girl should be a girl. Not that they put polish these put some thing else. If this goes on like trying nail color then some day the girls force their guys to have facials and face colors. If you need relaxation you just sit in a hot tub in your home that will give 100 times more relaxation than the girly things that you are doing. Not to offend any one, Imagine if a guy with nail colors go into public. So funny to see in fact your own girl might laugh at you. Men are built to take responsibility not that they look girly.

    Sorry if I offended any one. But to some extent I too agree that you need these things. A kind off massage. But, what with nail color and all ? and how the frequency that you go might not be the same like a girl. Guys skin will be tougher so may be once in a couple of months not sure but is what I think. Any how a hot bath tub is your best option on a sunday or weekend to get relaxed and get a fresh week ahead.

    Enjoy !!!

    • Ricky

      Actually I get french pedicures with my wife every few weeks, I have perfect size 7 feet, and I get hit on all the time by woman, I was even paid by a woman once with my wifes permission to take pictures of my feet made 100 dollars for 12 photos, if your embarrased dont be, there is nothing embarrassing about being well groomed, you can always tell people “oh my girlfriend did it while I was sleeping” if you feel like an ass but its the only legit way I get hit on by woman where I dont get in trouble by my wife, she likes the attention in that manner because she takes it as a complement that her man is considered hot and sexy, only homophobes would trash talk this stuff, and you know what they say about most homophobes, they are really closet homos who love the cock.

  • http://www.beginnersnailart Karen

    I used to see quite a few men coming in for manicures when I was going to the salon. A couple of them were coming in with their wives. It was neat watching them sit in the pedicure chairs relaxing together and just enjoying an afternoon out getting pampered. Kind of made me wish I could get my husband to go with me – like that’ll ever happen! ROFL

  • Sean

    I got my first pedicure on a dare of a friend who “painted” my toes hot pink at the poker table on Facebook. I absolutely fell in love with the hot stone “spa” pedicure. It was luxurious. I am hooked on pedicures and have no challenge at all with getting polish on my toes. The polish helps accent my toes/feet and it looks FABULOUS. If you’re a guy and are questioning the possibility that polish would look good on your toes and/or whether a pedicure is worth it…. give it a try before you knock it.

  • Cameran

    Im a guy, 16 and NOT GAY! I love to wear nail polish on my toes! I wear any color you can think of. Black is my top favorite though. I wish it was more accepted in public!

    • Ricky

      it is accepted in public, I’m a 33 year old male me and my wife go all the time, I get mine done french pedicured and I wear addidas memory foam cushion flipflops and show them off every chance I get, nobody ever looks at you weird, the way I look at it if a guy looked at my feet and was like “WTF you get your nails painted? I could reply “wtf are you some kinda sicko starting at my feet? they cant win if they say anything negative. Oh and my feet are better looking than most womans I wear a size 7 shoe, have high beautiful arches and nice toes get hit on all the time by chicks my wife thinks its funny.