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5 Ingredients to Avoid

Reading ingredient labels doesn’t have to be difficult. It is pretty simple in fact. Basically, if you don’t know what the ingredient is, or if you have never heard of it, there is a good chance that it is a chemical or processed ingredient that you don’t want to ingest. In general, each ingredient should be a whole food that isn’t processed. That said it can still be a bit daunting.

Below, I’ve listed five typical ingredients that you should avoid at all costs. And if they are listed first, second or third on the ingredient list of a packaged product, you definitely want to take a pass and opt for something else.

  1. Sugar: Refined sugars should be avoided for several reasons:
    • They raise your insulin levels and as a result, can depress the immune system, weakening your ability to fight disease.
    • Further, they cause weight gain and promote storage of fat.
    • Lastly, refined sugars provide you with no vitamins or minerals, so in order for them to be metabolized, they draw on the body’s reserves of vitamins and minerals, depleting your body’s nutrients. 
  2. Solution: Look for foods that are naturally sweetened (fruit or honey). If you must have sugar, opt for pure cane sugar that has not been refined.

  3. Bleached White Flour: Unbleached flour is a perfectly fine ingredient. However, if the product has bleached flour, stay away. The bleaching process takes a lot of the nutrients and fiber out of the flour. As a result, the product ends up having mostly empty calories, providing little to no nutritional value to your diet.
  4. Solution: If choosing a wheat or grain based product, consume those that have whole grains or unbleached flour.

  5. Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil / Hydrogenated Soybean Oil: Hydrogenated soybean oils are created because they have a higher melting point, which makes them attractive for baking and extends their shelf-life. Unfortunately, they aren’t attractive to you or your waistline. These fats can cause coronary disease and may be linked to cancer.
  6. Solution: Don’t consume products with these ingredients. Opt for those that have monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats instead.

  7. High Fructose Corn Syrup: In short, high-fructose corn syrup is an unnatural product that is a very, very sweet, highly processed and refined cornstarch. This manufactured substance is sweeter than and digested differently than sugar.
    • The body processes it directly through the liver and is then stored as fat.
    • Further, there is once again, no nutritional value, giving you only empty calories to digest.
    • Lastly, this sweetener may be linked to several diseases including type 2 Diabetes.
  8. Solution: Opt for only natural sweeteners, foods that are naturally sweet (fruit or honey) or natural herbs, such as stevia.

  9. Aspartame/Saccharin/Sucralose/Phenylalkaline: Any artificial sweetener is bad for you. They are unnatural and are processed derivatives of food and/or chemicals that aren’t natural for us to digest. They can cause havoc on your metabolism and your energy levels. Further, there is strong evidence that these are toxic and may cause cancer, as well as other diseases.
  10. Solution: Opt for only natural sweeteners or stevia, a natural sweet herb.


Notice, these five ingredients are all either fat or sugar related. In general, the more you can avoid bad fats and refines sugars, the better off you are. When possible, always look for natural and whole foods. If a food is packaged, there is a good chance that there might be unwanted added preservatives or ingredients that you want to avoid.

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  • imalayApele


    I have been reading this blog for some time now but never bothered to comment until today. Wanted to let you know that I am a fan and enjoy your work.


  • Jordan

    If we could all just do this we wouldn’t have so many health issues to begin with. People just put their health on the back burner and it shows with the increasing obesity epidemic in this country. I think I started reading labels at the age of 12, because my mom was always health conscious so she really wanted to make sure that we always ate healthy. Also the fact that we never had processed foods growing up was very helpful. My rule of thumb is if you can’t pronounce it, you shouldn’t eat it. Also, I refrain from things in packages, boxes, cans, and bottles because whole foods are never found this way.

  • ronindenver

    Of the five ingredents listed, I consider HFCS to be the worst. It seems to be stored as belly fat and several studies verify that. Finding products that don’t contain HFCS is getting harder every day – but it can be done. It was once a cheap alternative to sugar, but with the rise in the price of corn – it is now about the same price as refined sugar. Here’s an idea – go to the web sites of the manufacturers of the products you would like to use, but don’t becasue of the HFCS – tell them that you won’t buy their product because of HFCS. I think this has a great effect. Doing just that made Morrel and Hormell offer non-salt infused pork instead of their “tenderized pork” product. Now if we can get Jenneo turkeys desalted, I would feel much better about using them too. Try the email protest – it has an positive effect.

  • Romana

    Thanks “ronindenver” for suggesting to write to the product manufacturers. As soon as I read your comment I went on my favorite product websites and put in a complaint about their use of HCFS. How products presented as “healthy” fool you!!
    Activia Yogurt’s premise is great but their use of HCFS just canceled out any true benefit you would’ve gotten from it, at least from my standpoint.

    People really need to wake up!! I helped a friend go through her “health” food cabinet and she was shocked how crappy (lol) her food was.

    Thanks so much Brett for enlightening us on your blog. I’m keeping your articles ! They are so helpful and informative!

  • VLB

    While I am consider HFC suspect and generally avoid when possible, you are feeding the paranoia and have not presented any real evidence/reasons why HFC is bad. Why would fructose in HFC be processed any differently in the body than fructose in an apple? Or honey (its the main sweetener)? or…? Chemically speaking fructose is fructose. Fructose is a sugar that nearly all fruits and many vegetables produce.

  • VLB. The jury is still out on HFCS. This blog is merely trying to highlight the fact that it is suspect and is something to avoid (hence the title). I am a believer that if something isn’t found in nature and is overly processed or has to go through multiple chemical changes to become what it is, it is best to avoid it.

  • Doctor Bob

    While sugar and HFCS need to be eaten in sparingly because they are easy to store as body fat, it is Trans Fats that are dangerous. They are toxic to the body and have been associated with most chronic disease states. Be careful because even the labels are misleading, stating 0 trans fat, but the ingredients list partially hydrogenated oil indicating a small presence (less than 0.5 %).

    Your article is incorrect and misleading by stating that the artificial sweeteners listed are toxic, dangerous, or cancer causing. This is completely undocumented by any scientific study (Aspartame if stored in heat will break down to ammonia, but you can taste this – so do not use something that tastes bad). The reason to avoid artificial sweeteners (and I do avoid them) is because they “fool” the brain and we overeat. Multiple studies show that humans and animals will overeat and gain weight if they regularly use artificial sweeteners. It is best to learn to appreciate good food. If food needs salt or sugars/sweeteners to taste good, it is probably not good quality.

  • Thanks Doctor Bob. I’d like to clarify, that the blog entry states that there is ‘strong evidence’ that they ‘are toxic’. I am a firm believer that if something is man made, and is a chemical, that it isn’t good for our bodies. There are a lot of food companies and lobbyists that protect these products and promote them as being safe so that their companies can continue to make money off them. I STILL believe that whether or not there is ‘scientific documentation’ that a chemical is or isn’t toxic…our bodies do not need these chemicals in our system.

  • yolanda

    I always use splenda cause I thought it was ok to use rather then table sugar. I can’t seem to lose and keep weight off/ I’m always tired and sleepy. No energy what about diet coke and coffee decaf or regular coffee?

  • Lane

    Since artificial sweetners are toxic and bad for you. Okay I will stop using them but what do I put in my coffee that is sweet but not high in other bad things like honey. No refined sugars I get it. Which is best to use twice a day, sugar, artificial sweetner, honey, or ????

  • Lane/Yolanda, I recommend stevia, but you can also try other natural sweeteners. Personally, I think it is best to avoid any and all chemically derived sweeteners…depending on how much sugar you use, you might want to stick with sugar. Try backing off sugar slowly, lessening the amount you use little by little. Our dependency on sugar is what causes us to NEED artificial sweeteners…if we were less dependent on sugar, then we wouldn’t need to find replacements so much…

    Yolanda…you might want to see your doctor or a nutritionist regarding your energy levels.

  • Allie

    Yolanda may have an underlying medical condition, hypothryoidism or anemia for example, that is affecting her energy level. She should see a physician to rule out a potential health problem.

  • tess

    Just want to be sure if EQUAL is consider bad artificial sweetener also.


  • To yolanda :

    hi..Im just curious if u are into loseweight program..U cannot actually get results u wanted except for changing what you eat.I found the food that will help u lose lbs w/o starving,and keeps energy high. Maybe i can help u

  • Michell please pass this on to all the people that you know.

  • keith

    Brett, that is misinformation.

    You said: “Thanks Doctor Bob. I’d like to clarify, that the blog entry states that there is ’strong evidence’ that they ‘are toxic’.”

    There is no sound scientific evidence at all to state that artificial sweeteners are toxic.

    It is perfectly fine for you to state your beliefs, that to say there is “strong evidence” on toxicity of sweeteners is fraud.

  • Keith and Dr. Bob and others who don’t necessarily believe Splenda or other artificial sweeteners are bad for you. I have to say, there is a ton of controversy over artificial sweeteners. Part of it is because there are lobbyists and Food Regulators who don’t want the artificial sweetener business to go out of business…here are a couple of things to read:
    And if you don’t believe that Dr. Hull is onto something. Maybe you’d like to find out that Duke University has also conducted a study, exposed here:
    And if you are really interested, here is the study:

    Further, if you really BELIEVE all government agencies, you can read this:
    In MY mind, I believe that if an agency can’t PROVE that it ISN’T toxic, then you can bet it probably is. A lot of hemming and hawing about if a rat is like a human and a human is like a rat is crap to me. If something causes cancer, or has caused cancer or MAY cause cancer…Stay away from it.

  • Kristin

    Just wanted to say that I have been telling people for a long time how bad High Fructose Corn Syrup is, and people are finally listening, HOWEVER when I see those commercials put out by the corn farmer lobbyists promoting it, I feel like they are belittling my intelligence and the intelligence of all who eat healthy.

  • Kim

    What about Splenda? Is it considered a bad artificial sweetner?

  • Kim – Splenda is an artificial sweetener. You should look for stevia, or ‘truvia’ which is a newly branded sweetener that I’ve heard includes stevia. (I haven’t tried it yet, but will soon!)

  • Al

    You’re an idiot, and I used such a strong word because it’s cavalier misinformed people like you that make others sick- literally.

    I hope you are not a real doctor, because unfortunately most people still look to doctors for the answers for good health- what a joke.
    Use a western doctor if you want an early grave.

    One does not need ‘complete documentation and scientific study[ies] to know when they are ill. It doesn’t always take a rocket scientist to figure out what is causing the symptoms you feel.
    If you are waiting on the FDA to tell you what is good to eat or any other such entity, then you are a bigger fool than I first imagined. When are you going to understand that the FDA is largely controlled by politics? If you think they have your best interest at heart, then please tell me why for so many years aspartame was not approved and then almost magically was; why don’t you do the scientific research on that, and you will see the politics my friend.

    I do not totally agree with everything in this article, but there are a few valid points and I personally was happy to see aspartame make the list of no-no’s, as I have gotten sick by that toxin (no scientific research told me that)
    HFCS is another one, and for years Trans Fats I knew was bad from my classes in Nutrition, but I do not agree that sugar (though it is not a healthful choice) should be in the same category as aspartame, trans fats and HFCS. It is not a toxin, it is a processed food.
    I also do not agree that unbleached flour is a healthful food. All white flour products are bad, but the bleached variety is worse.

    …and Doctor Bob, if you think the only reason to avoid artificial sweeteners is that you get fat from then, then you need to go back to school. Fat my dear is the least of our problems, and that bears repeating, fat is the least of our problems. If fat were the only problem here then we could eliminate these evils and get on with our lives; even in the event you were to become diabetic, this too could be rectified by simply controlling our diet, but unfortunately this is just the tip of the iceberg: vision problems, breathing problems, heart problems, to name a mere few are some of the symptoms associated with aspartame poisoning; some of these symptoms mimic other diseases and some people are often misdiagnosed; worse yet are those people that baffle the doctors because they cant see anything wrong based on their textbook education.
    I am not even going to address the comment about not eating smelly foods…come on. How simple can you be?

    Based on the fact that scientific research relies on testing of animals (mostly rats) which by the way it caused seizures in the rats and one died, that is why it was not approved all those years, anyway, this research is based on humans who are living their lives with the very symptoms I described above. It does not get more scientific than that, but go on and wait for your research genius, you may be one of the ones who just drops dead.

    Ps here’s a thought, all the athletes who are dropping dead lately are drinkers of aspartame, check the labels of sports drinks.
    Don’t take this lightly people. I didn’t just waste half an hour answering this so called doctor for nothing.
    Good health to all

  • makeitcount

    Isn’t the biggest issue with the HFC, the fact that it raises the glycemic index? Personally, I have found this to be my problem. Once I discovered it…I eliminated it from my diet and there’s been a noticeable difference in blood sugar tests.

  • makeitcount. Supposedly, there is still tremendous debate over this ingredient. Some experts claim that they are metabolized differently than other sugars. Regardless, the fact is, that it is a highly processed ingredient, and no matter how it is or isn’t metabolized, I’m not a fan of anything that is highly processed. Good to know, however, that you have a case based study in seeing a difference…we need more of you out there!

  • Patricia

    In #5, you say that natural sweeteners are preferred over artificial sweetners, yet in #1 you say that sugar should be avoided.

  • Hi Patricia. You are right. The point here is that #1 points out that you should avoid refined sugars. I also state that you should opt for NATURAL Sweeteners…which is exactly the same point in #5. Hope that helps.

  • Mike

    I stopped buying any margerine or shortening. I only use real butter now, and very little of it. The cooking oil I use is sunflower/canola oil. I’ll start reading labels for sweeteners.

  • rtl

    This list is quite good, including HFCS. Dr. Weil even states that HFCS is today’s poison.

  • J

    There’s nothing wrong with artificial sweeteners. There has been no scientific evidence of them being toxic. Some sugar companies paid a few scientists to say they’ll make you hungrier but it’s BS. I’ve used them for years. They’ve helped me lose a ton of weight and keep it off. They haven’t made me any hungrier than I was before I started using them. People are always looking for an excuse. If you can’t lose weight it’s not the artificial sweetener’s fault, it’s your fault. Count your calories with other foods and you’ll be fine. You don’t have to count any calories with artificial sweeteners though because they don’t have any. Everything that’s natural isn’t necessarily good for you, just as everything that’s man made isn’t necessarily bad for you.

  • orv


  • Linda

    Aspartame is a neuroexcitotoxin and causes brain damage. Dr. Russell Blaylock, Neurologist, author of “Excitotoxins:The Taste That Kills”, Dr. Janet Hull, MD survivor of Aspartame poisoning has her website that gives monumental amounts of evidence how deadly this substance can be. The Better Brain Book by Dr. David Pearlmutter talks about how to heal the brain. Aspartame is a brain damaging substance. So is MSG! HFCS is a processed corn product. All corn that is not in it’s raw natural state has the neuroexcitotoxin MSG in it. is just one place to learn about this. I have been paralyzed twice by accidents. 1993 car accident and 2001 airline incident. Both times I was unable to work for three years and was told I would never return to work. I learned what most doctors don’t know about healing! The Mayo Clinic did an MRI on my brain. One of their staff told me the makers of aspartame at the time provided a great deal of money to their organization. This person said it would never go on record I had brain poisoning but told me to start doing my home work and gave me the names of many researchers and doctors, along with an international gathering of neurologists in the Netherlands that given endless testimony to the damaging affects on the brain that result from taking in aspartmane at any level.
    I find many doctors know little very little about healing and am sure they would not be able to heal themselves from being paralyzed as I have. They leave to many layers out of the process, rely on chemicals and quick coverings of symptoms and do too little about the cause of hte symptoms. The drugs they issue cause new and more symptoms.
    If nature did not make it don’t eat it is my policy!

  • Lee

    To stevia’s boosters, there’s no debate. The herb has been consumed without apparent harm in different parts of the world for many years, they argue. No reports of any adverse reactions have surfaced after 30 years of use in Japan, for instance.

    “But the Japanese don’t consume large amounts of stevia,” notes Douglas Kinghorn, professor of pharmacognosy (the study of drugs from plants) at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

    “In the U.S., we like to go to extremes,” adds toxicologist Ryan Huxtable of the University of Arizona in Tucson. “So a significant number of people here might consume much greater amounts.”

    Here’s what troubles toxicologists:

    Reproductive problems. Stevioside “seems to affect the male reproductive organ system,” European scientists concluded last year. When male rats were fed high doses of stevioside for 22 months, sperm production was reduced, the weight of seminal vesicles (which produce seminal fluid) declined, and there was an increase in cell proliferation in their testicles, which could cause infertility or other problems.1 And when female hamsters were fed large amounts of a derivative of stevioside called steviol, they had fewer and smaller offspring.2 Would small amounts of stevia also cause reproductive problems? No one knows.

    Cancer. In the laboratory, steviol can be converted into a mutagenic compound, which may promote cancer by causing mutations in the cells’ genetic material (DNA). “We don’t know if the conversion of stevioside to steviol to a mutagen happens in humans,” says Huxtable. “It’s probably a minor issue, but it clearly needs to be resolved.”

    Energy metabolism. Very large amounts of stevioside can interfere with the absorption of carbohydrates in animals and disrupt the conversion of food into energy within cells. “This may be of particular concern for children,” says Huxtable.

    The bottom line: If you use stevia sparingly (once or twice a day in a cup of tea, for example), it isn’t a great threat to you. But if stevia were marketed widely and used in diet sodas, it would be consumed by millions of people. And that might pose a public health threat.

    “The take-home message is simply that we don’t know enough,” says Huxtable.

    That’s why the government needs to require companies to do more—and better—testing.

  • Les

    I don’t know why everyone is touting that Stevia is so wonderful – YUCK!!! It may be a more “healthy” sweetener – but just using that would make anyone want to give up “sweets”! ahhhhh – That stuff is definitely an acquired taste – and I’ve tried every “sweetener” out there – many more than once as I do have quite a sweet-tooth but am not to have processed sugar. I have Celiac disease and was told that sugar cane (even cane syrup) is a form of wheat – therefore contains gluten. So – my new found friend is above-mentioned (only briefly – and oddly I might add) Agave Nectar – now that’s the best! It’s lighter than honey and sweeter – but doesn’t have the honey flavor – more like sugar than anything and quite frankly it has replaced anything I ever put sugar in before, baking, cooking, warm drinks, etc…..STEVIA is extremely expensive – and Agave Nectar has gained popularity therefore it’s cheaper now – some stores now sell it in bulk! I say – THAT’S our ticket to a GREAT SWEETENER – AGAVE NECTAR!

  • lucy

    I use stevia.. one can get it in the powder bag.. very sweet, a little does a lot and I feel better using it. just my 2 cents.

  • Linda

    I also have more confidence in eating non- prosessed foods. I do read labels and avoid those products listing ingredients I don’t know. Sometimes I find those scarry words are good things. You might try not drinking caffiene drinks; like coffee. Then you wouldn’t need the sweetners. I chose to skip ever starting drinking coffee when I saw my mother needing to have it in the morning to wake up. I find I have eanergy without it. Since then I’ve read that a glass of water in the morning can help stimulate your body. I believe like a previous commentor; that sugar creates a craving for more sugar. A person can weene themselves off sweets. The “Sweet toothe” craving will reduce after a few weeks of changing your diet. For die hards; try really small treats after eating a balanced meal or healthy snack. Same goes for the coffee drinkers. Eat something with your coffee. Don’t have a secound cup. Good Luck to All

  • Miami

    Same old garbage about artificial sweetners being dangerous to your health. No proof, but that doesn’t stop people of a certain persuasion from spouting the party line.

  • Miami-
    Once again, here is the proof. Why not read them yourself?
    And if you don’t believe that Dr. Hull is onto something. Maybe you’d like to find out that Duke University has also conducted a study, exposed here:
    And if you are really interested, here is the study:

    Further, if you really BELIEVE all government agencies, you can read this:

  • LISA W

    If i cut out these 5 items i will starve to death.

  • harm

    Don’t eat very MUCH of those products, and get
    some exercise, people. If you want SOME snack, or
    other treat containing one of those products, don’t
    let the food police stop you. Just don’t think you’re
    getting any nutrition.
    (I’m not a doctor or nutrition expert)

  • Judy

    My husband and his sister both get terrible headaches from any artificial sweetners. Just try to find a toothpaste or mouthwash without them!

  • Rev. Rick Ussher

    Brett, Thanks for this informative article. NO – you are NOT an idiot, as one idiot claims. For decades I have used only store brand packets of sweetener which ARE NOT excitotoxins. When one of my faves recently intro Splenda into their mix, they lost me as a buyer of their product. There is abundant evidence that sweeteners made from coal tar extracts are non-injurious to the human body. I have intro Stevia into my kitchen, tho’ it is kinda pricey where I live in the hinterlands of VT. Keep up the good fight for our nation’s health. God bless you! Rev. Rick. 11.2.09

  • James

    Looks like seizures is not as important as fat to some people. Not that I should be compared to a rat but, When will the FDA care to look at the real problems people have with these foods when you can not detect these toxins that are in the foods ? May I say follow the money trail starting with the news media $$$$$$$$ drug companies,$$$$$$$$$ food companies, $$$$$$$$$ retailers $$$$$$$$$$$$ networks $$$$$$$$$$$ advertisers $$$$$$$$$$$ congress $$$$$$$$$$ doctors $$$$$$$$$$$$$ and pharmacist $$$$$$ as they all lie about MSG, NITRATES, CARRAGEENAN and all the rest of the toxins that are used. Tell your represenative in congress about it if you want to get ignored. I tried that for the 9 months and you would not believe all the departments that got the buck passed on to for dealing with the MSG matter in foods. Neurologist will never be out of work as long as these toxins stay in our foods. If people will not have seizures from these toxins, fibromyalgia, and other painful attacks can be caused by these toxins as well as Grand Mal seizures. Anyone who believes these toxins are safe to be in any persons blood stream can not value life too much. I urge any person who believes these toxins are safe to eat or drink to buy it all so people like us can not touch any of it. All of us have our days numbered before we come into this world. I would like to die by a natural cause, not from a Grand Mal attack that was caused by MSG/MonoSodiumGlutamate, CARRAGEENAN, Soy Protein Concentrate, Nitrates, Aspartame or any other toxins that I’m not aware of. Who knows, maybe it is chemicals from the Lamictal I take that triggers with these toxins that causes my Grand Mals to happen. If that is the case being lamictal is a popular drug for seizures, it would make sence to try another drug and eat more MSG & all the other toxic foods. No way will I want to do that only to be wrong. MSG and all the rest of these toxins are not safe. They need to be 100% iliminated out of our foods asap.

  • Carol

    The other problem with bleached flour these days is that it will also have the ingredient “azodicarbamide”. This night be an allergen for anyone who is allergic to food colorings and dyes. I am very sensitive to this ingredient. It is used to replace potassium bromate blowing agent. Countries like Australia and New Zealand have banned this ingredient in food. The USA should do the same.

  • Ana

    STEVIA IS A NATURAL PLANT: Believe me, I grew it last summer. My husband ate it since he was born since it grew in his country. It is very sweet if too much is consumed, than you crave more sweet. That is why it states on the package to start with only 1/2 if a packet, Try a leaf in your fruit salad from a fresh plant if possible. Anything consumed in abundence is not good. Some people just have strange taste buds. I find it the closest to the taste of Cane Sugar but better.If too much is taken of Stevea it tends to have an acidity taste.

  • What about sulfites?

  • Diane

    I never figured carrageenan to be bad; after all, it’s just seaweed and has been used for 2 millennia. However, since James was so certain it was a bad thing, I looked it up on Wikipedia. I now believe what makes it bad for you is its processing: “After treatment with hot alkali solution (e.g. 5-8% potassium hydroxide),” Doesn’t sound good to me, but I’m not a chemist.

  • Kevin

    More people should know WHY High Fructose Corn Syrup is “unnatural”. The reason is because they use bacteria and viruses and genetically engineer the corn used to make this HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP.

    Monsanto Chemical and Seed company in St. Louis, MO can be thanked for causing numerous chronic diseases, diabetes Type 2, Cancer, and death.

    Read or find a lecture from Jeffery Smith PROVING scientifically that Monsanto and all genetically modified or GMO foods do make us ill.

    70% of the food in our grocery stores are Genetically Modified.

    Watch the movie “FOOD, Inc” or “King Corn”

  • Marian Bromen

    Citric Acid – That food preservative – It causes acid refleck. Then you have to take anti-acid pills.
    I quit eating and drink anything that had it in it, so now I don’t have to take any pills and I feel great.

  • judy

    You know I wonder if people would stop and think about what they ate back in Bible times, if they would eat the same today. You know that it was butter whole milk, eggs. and beef. And look how long people lived back than.

    • Brett

      Judy…you make a good point. However, our cows weren’t fed corn back then. Corn fed beef is the reason beef is so high in saturated fat. If cows ate what they were supposed to…which is grass, the beef would have very low saturated fat. Our food supply is causing the problems we have because humans have manipulated food to be engineered versus natural. This is causing diabetes, cancer and many other diseases.

  • Does anyone know about HVP – hydrolyzed vegetable protein – it seems to be the latest toxic additive. I read it caused samanella in Albertsons Culinery Circle foods and they quietly removed them from shelves and then the media stopped talking about it. What’s up?

  • Kay

    I have fed my kids no artificial color, sweetener, or flavor since 1976. I now try to feed the younger ones organic as much as possible. I’ve eliminated everything they didn’t have in 1800 from their diet. My adult ‘children’ tell me they can tell a difference if they eat ‘regular’ food because they don’t feel as well, are jumpy, etc. But I was grown and I ate what was fed to me growing up, sugar, artificial everything, and lots of bleached bread. I now have fibromyalgia and was almost bedfast. I first eliminated caffeine and that helped the pain level but it was still horrendous. Then artificial sweeteners. It made a difference but it took YEARS to get out of my system. After 13 years, it’s still there but still getting better. I no longer do margarine, bleached flour, or those other things mentioned above. It makes a tremendous difference in my body. My pain level is still bad but some days it’s actually not too bad. After reading this I can tell it’s probably because of hidden things I didn’t realize yet. I’ve also gone green with cleaning supplies. No more bleach. All natural clothes material. REAL materials for the floors. Our bodies have leached all these horrible chemicals into them. And my kids no longer eat wheat because of the chemicals where it been re-engineered.

  • michele

    SODIUM CASEINATE should be added to the top of this list***It almost cost me my life, and it is causing ANAPHALAXIS in numerous people. I think it is cumulative, and so we don’t recognize it as dangerous right away. I am Epi-Pen dependent for the rest of my life now.

  • rosc 2

    Refined wheat flour is just as bad and should be avoided – whole wheat is much more preferable. Same with other “white” foods such as steamed rolled oats, pearled barley, white sugar, white pasta, etc.

    Minerals are lost with every step of refining, foods should be as close to the way God (if you believe in one) created them – they contain the right amount of minerals & fiber in their natural state.

    Be careful when buying bread, as its a common trick to label it “whole wheat” when its major ingredient is unbleached flour (which has been sifted to remove the fiber & minerals! – It’s not whole wheat!)

    Read “This Famishing World” on the Journey to Forever website – it’s a bit dated but even back in the early 20th century it was becoming obvious the destruction to health that refined deprived foods were causing to humans.

  • Jen

    They didn’t have organ transplants in the 1800’s maybe we should go back to that aswell Kay. I think people hop on the down with this food or down with that food wagon way to fast. Using such things as blogs and wikipidea to get answere just fuels the thoughts that people on the natural food kick are less than smart.

  • Roy Harlow

    The side effects from all the toxins in our food supply, is the reason we go to the doctor to get the drugs, with 30 or more side effects that doctors give us to help destroy our bodys, Its all a money thing, thats why, the individual will have to delete the poisons from the food and the prescription drugs the good doctors give us. The foods are killing us and so are the medical doctors who get their orders from big pharmacy. YOU WILL LIVE AND BE HEALTHY BY WHAT YOU PUT INTO YOUR MOUTH, OR DIE, BECAUSE YOU LEFT IT UP TO THE CONTAMINATED FOODS AND KILLER DRUGS. It,s really very simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam Dodge

    WOW!! Very well said Roy

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  • sonia cornwalltomach

    wow! some people get really angry, but i do appreciate knowing about the toxins in our food.